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Best Hardcore Duo Partners

Playing Hardcore Classic WoW as a duo unlocks a whole new level of gameplay that can be both thrilling and challenging. Whether you're leveling up together or taking on difficult quests or elites that would be too tough to tackle solo, there's no denying that having a partner by your side can make all the difference. Additionally, with the ability to trade crafted items between each other, playing as a duo also unlocks professions that can complement each other.

If you're looking to play as a duo in Hardcore Classic WoW, you'll want to choose the right class combinations to maximize your chances of success. In this article, we'll be reviewing the best class combinations for duo Hardcore WoW.

Hardcore Duo Synergy Table


Best Druid Duo Partners

S Hunter, Warlock
A Shaman
B Druid
C Rogue, Warrior
D Mage, Paladin, Priest

Druid Druid / Hunter Hunter

Hunters are great with Druids primarily for their synergy with their movement speed bonuses. Both classes get access to +30% movespeed in the early 20s, which means they will never be out of sync. Both Hunters and Druids are excellent levelling classes, and the hybrid nature of Druid helps shore up the more singular nature of the Hunter. This duo is S tier, not only for their smoothness in the open world, but also because finding a dungeon group with a hybrid class is trivial. The only pain point is that both classes want leather items, but this is alleviated by being able to take Leatherworking, and giving STR/STM/+healing gear to the Druid. Also, Hunters can wear mail at 40.

Recommended Specs: Feral / Marksmanship
Recommended Professions: Leatherworking + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Druid Druid / Warlock Warlock

While the Warlock doesn’t do a whole lot for Druids, this duo is S tier because the Druid absolutely juices the hell out of the Warlock. Warlocks with access to healing cleave through zones with no downtime, and can take on almost any quest. With the Druid going Restoration spec, this duo can do all levelling content. Unfortunately, Warlocks cannot match the movespeed of the Druid. This is more than made up for by the absurd damage and tankiness of the Warlock. Dungeon groups are easy to find, and neither class shares gear. Warlocks get a free mount at 40, so you only need enough gold for the Druid.

Recommended Specs: Restoration / Affliction
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Engineering + Mining

Druid Druid / Shaman Shaman

Shamans and Druids are very similar classes, as they are hybrids with access to all specs and roles. They share movement speed bonuses, and are very strong levelling classes. When running this duo, it should be decided ahead of time which spec each will be. The recommended setup is with one focusing on dps, and the other being a healer or tank. This is not only because of how strong healers are in duos, but also because Windfury has no effect on Feral skills. Both classes can use any item, so it is important to decide who is getting which gear for which specs. Shamans can wear mail at 40. Finding dungeon groups is easy with two hybrid classes.

Recommended Specs: Restoration / Enhancement
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Engineering + Mining

Best Hunter Duo Partners

S Druid, Hunter, Shaman
A Hunter
D Mage, Rogue, Paladin, Priest, Warrior

Hunter Hunter / Druid Druid

See Druid section

Hunter Hunter / Hunter Hunter

Hunters are excellent on their own, and they are even better as a team. They share movement speed bonuses, have very tanky pets, and can chain pull with no downtime. Open world content is a breeze, and pretty much any hard quest or elite can be kited with ease. Finding dungeons can be hard without a tank or healer class, and sharing gear is a pain. This duo is great because you’re taking the single best levelling class and just... doubling it....

Recommended Specs: Beast Mastery / Beast Mastery
Recommended Professions: Leatherworking + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Hunter Hunter / Shaman Shaman

Shamans are a hybrid class that shares the same movespeed as the Hunter. While they lack a bit of utility and tankiness compared to the Druid, they are nonetheless an excellent pairing with Hunters. Dungeons are easy to find, gear is easy to share, and kiting elites is a breeze. The main issue with the duo is that the Shaman will have difficulty tanking big pulls when things go south. When played carefully, the duo crushes all content.

Recommended Specs: Beast Mastery / Deep Elemental
Recommended Professions: Leatherworking + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Best Mage Duo Partners

S Mage
B Warrior
C Warlock
D Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman

Mage Mage / Mage Mage

Mages are insane AoE farmers solo, and are even more safe and efficient as a duo. So long as both people are familiar with AoE farming, double Mage is by far the fastest duo to get to 60. They operate at the same speed, have insane utility and defensive cooldowns, can kite elites with Frost spells, and can destroy dungeons. There is a reason why Blizzard nerfed Mages for SoM; they are simply overpowered in the right situation. The only pain point for this duo is that you share gear, but this is made up for by the fact that gear is less important when you tear through everything anyways.

Recommended Specs: Deep Frost / Deep Frost
Recommended Professions: None, just blast

Mage Mage / Warrior Warrior

Warriors are only B tier because while the Mage does a lot for the Warrior, the reverse is not true. This duo operates at a lower efficiency than most other duos simply because the Warrior slows the Mage down. If you aren’t too worried about speed, or if one of you really wants to play Warrior, then this duo is perfectly serviceable. The Mage provides free food, as well as clutch utility to help out the Warrior if a pull is going south. Also, the Warrior can now do elite quests, as the Mage can kite it indefinitely. Neither class shares gear, and dungeon groups should be easy to find.

Recommended Specs: Frost / Arms
Recommended Professions: Blacksmithing + Mining / Engineering + Skinning

Best Paladin Duo Partners

S Rogue, Warlock
A Warrior
D Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest

Paladin Paladin / Rogue Rogue

Paladins are a Rogue's best friend. With buffs like Blessing of Might/Freedom, big heals, and damage immunity, Rogues become unstoppable killing machines. Both classes boast incredibly strong cooldowns and single-target damage. Imagine a Rogue with all of their sneaky tools for getting out of a bad situation. Now imagine they had a gigachad Paladin juicing them too. Dungeons are trivial to find, gear is easy to manage, and mount gold is less painful, as Paladins get their for free.

Recommended Specs: Retribution / Combat
Recommended Professions: Engineering + Mining + Fishing / Alchemy + Herbalism

Paladin Paladin / Warlock Warlock

With a constant stream of heals, and spell pushback resistance from Concentration Aura, Warlocks turn from a multi-dotting efficiency spec to an AoE grinding machine. While you can go the normal Demonology or Affliction trees, the real fun is by going deep Destro and Hellfiring large packs of enemies while the Paladin keeps you alive. It cannot be overstated how fun this playstyle is. The safer route is to go deep Affliction, ignoring the drain talents, while the Paladin stays Holy. Neither class shares gear, and dungeons are easy to find. Both classes get their mount for free, which means you’ll have plenty of gold to respec should you find one of the two playstyles lackluster.

Recommended Specs: Deep Holy + Prot / Deep Destro + Demo
Recommended Professions: Engineering + Mining/Skinning if new, otherwise none

Paladin Paladin / Warrior Warrior

Not much to say here besides Warrior + healing class = big pulls. Paladins give Warriors all the utility and heals they need to function at their peak, and the typical easy dungeon + good gear combo + free mount stuff applies. The only pain points would be sharing weapons, and mail/plate gear should the Paladin insist on going Ret or Prot. The reason this duo is only A tier is because the effectiveness of it is highly dependent on player skill, and because not all quests are doable. A new duo will overpull or not min-max their damage, while an experienced duo will crush most open world and dungeon content.

Recommended Specs: Holy / Arms
Recommended Professions: Blacksmithing + Mining / Engineering + Skinning

Best Priest Duo Partners

S Warlock, Warrior
B Priest
C Rogue, Shaman
D Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin

Priest Priest / Warlock Warlock

Warlocks with any healer will simply pump. While the Priest does have spell pushback resistance, it is not reliable. For that reason, the Warlock should go deep Affliction, focusing on multi-dotting while their Voidwalker tanks. All content is doable, and dungeons are easy to find. The pain point will be sharing gear, but as long as the Priest sticks to healing instead of going deep Shadow, giving STM/INT gear to the Warlock and INT/SPR gear to the Priest should suffice. Also, Warlocks have free mounts.

Recommended Specs: Deep Disc + Holy / Deep Aff + Demo
Recommended Professions: Tailoring + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Priest Priest / Warrior Warrior

Priest and Warrior are two peas in a pod. While Priest lacks some of the mobility and immediate damage immunity when compared to the Paladin, they make up for it with raw throughput and efficiency. Just be sure not to spam bubble so that the Warrior can get rage. Not only are dungeons free since you have the tank and healer already covered, but gear doesn’t overlap at all. The only downside of this duo is that both need to afford their mounts at 40, as neither class has any mobility.

Recommended Specs: Deep Disc + Holy / Arms
Recommended Professions: Tailoring + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Priest Priest / Priest Priest

Double Priest can be a fun duo, especially if both are running deep Shadow for the memes. Unfortunately, while they are very resilient, they tend to step on each other’s toes in a duo, rather than augmenting each other positively. The same reasoning is applied to the classes in lower tiers; it’s nice to have a pocket healer, but realistically it is simply slower than going solo and not worth the hassle of managing a duo. All Priest duos become S tier if it’s with a irl partner, though.

Recommended Specs: Deep Shadow / Deep Shadow
Recommended Professions: Tailoring + Skinning / Engineering + Mining

Best Rogue Duo Partners

S Paladin
A Rogue
B Shaman
C Druid, Priest
D Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Warrior

Rogue Rogue / Paladin Paladin

See Paladin section

Rogue Rogue / Rogue Rogue

Double Rogue is a hilariously fun duo. This combo should be S tier for the RP value alone, but unfortunately this duo has a few too many problems to be quite on the level as some other duo staples. Notably, both Rogues will be sharing gear and weapons, which is very painful even if one goes with a crafting profession. Finding dungeons is going to be hard, and since Alchemy/Herbalism doesn’t generate income, you’ll be getting your mounts late. Kiting open world quests is hard, and the skill floor is very high to pull this off. That being said, the upside of 1-shotting anything, coupled with strong utility and cooldowns, means anything less than an A tier is improper.

Recommended Specs: Combat / Combat
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Leatherworking + Skinning

Shaman Shaman

While Shamans don’t give quite as much value to the Rogue as the Paladin does, they are still a decent option for people who wish to roll Horde. The reason this duo is in a lower tier is because aside from Windfury and heals, the duo doesn’t really offer much to each other. Upsides incluse easy dungeons, decent gear distribution, and plenty of damage. The pain points are after the Shaman gets their movespeed bonus, and occasionally shared weapons.

Recommended Specs: Combat / Enhancement
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Leatherworking + Skinning

Best Shaman Duo Partners

S Druid, Hunter, Warrior
A Warlock
B Rogue, Shaman
C Priest
D Mage

Shaman Shaman / Druid Druid

See Druid section

Shaman Shaman / Hunter Hunter

See Hunter section

Shaman Shaman / Warrior Warrior

This is the duo for gigachads who want to see massive numbers on their screen and shout whenever they kill something. Warrior can’t keep up with Shaman? Who cares! Lots of gear overlap? Who cares! No free mount? Who cares! Me hit big stick, see big number, zug zug! When you shamble through zones in the early levels, you might think that this duo isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. However, the second you unlock your big cooldowns and get some higher rank heals, this duo tears through content like a hot knife through butter. Dungeons? Easy. You can even duo them with max effort and skill. Roll double Tauren and just /moo everyone you come across. RP bis for sure.

Recommended Specs: Enhancement / Arms
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Engineering + Mining

Best Warlock Duo Partners

S Druid, Paladin, Priest
A Shaman, Warlock, Hunter
C Mage
D Rogue, Warrior

Warlock Warlock / Shaman Shaman

Shaman is only A tier because despite being a class that can heal, their overall synergy with the Warlock is less than those in S tier. The Horde-side version of the Paladin/Warlock duo lacks the second free mount, as well as mobility and spell pushback resist for the Warlock. This is somewhat made up for by the Shaman doing more damage than the S tier duos, but if the Shaman is going with a damage, spec, their healing and utility will lack in exchange. Furthermore, the Shaman is unable to use their movespeed bonus effectively, though as with the Druid this is mitigated by the Warlock’s throughput.

Recommended Specs: Deep Affliction / Restoration
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Engineering + Mining + Fishing

Warlock Warlock / Warlock Warlock

Double Warlock can be fun if both Warlocks are playing well. The logistical issues of the duo are made up for by their sheer zoom potential. Just as with double Hunter and double Mage, double Warlock has issues with sharing gear. Finding dungeons is also hard. Both Warlocks get their free mounts at 40, and since they share class quests, there isn’t as much downtime during their questing route.

Recommended Specs: Deep Affliction / Deep Affliction
Recommended Professions: Alchemy + Herbalism / Engineering + Mining + Fishing

Best Warrior Duo Combos

S Priest, Shaman
A Paladin
B Mage
C Druid
D Hunter, Rogue, Warlock
F Warrior

Warrior Warrior / Priest Priest

See Priest section

Warrior Warrior / Shaman Shaman

See Shaman section

Warrior Warrior / Warrior Warrior

Good RP value, but realistically wheelchair as hell. Two wrongs most certainly do not make a right in this case; you should only run this duo for the memes, with the understanding that you will probably not make it to 60. However, if you do manage to complete the run, you will earn the title of Supreme Gigachads, so there’s that.

Recommended Specs: Arms / Arms
Recommended Professions: Blacksmithing + Skinning / Engineering + Mining