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    In terms of safety and active benefits, Engineering is the strongest profession on most classes. The 3 most important benefits from engineering are target dummies, explosives, and goggles. Target Dummies provide a great safety net on a low 2 minute CD. Grenades and bombs provide great AoE CC, damage, and provide an option for split pulling. Goggles provide strong stats at the early levels especially with the lack of head slot pieces in the early game. The profession leveling slows down tremendously in the late game, but the early levels are fast and material efficient. Engineering provides insane utility and safety in high danger situations that is unmatched by the other professions which makes it highly recommended by veteran Hardcore players.

    Notable gear / equipment

    Target Dummies

    Target dummies are the crown jewel of Engineering. They AoE taunt and last 15 seconds or until killed. There are a few things you must know to fully utilize their potential.

    • While they do taunt and immediately pull mobs off of you, they do not generate threat. This means that after the initial taunt if you generate threat, you will quickly pull the mobs off of the target dummy. Healing / mana potions, bandaging, and healing yourself will all generate enough threat to pull mobs off the target dummy. This means that typically your best option is to run.
    • Target Dummies share CD with other consumables. warlock Healthstones (all ranks), mage Mana gems, and Whipper Root Tuber are the most commonly used items that share CD with dummies.
    • Specifically for rogue Rogues if you use Target Dummy and Vanish, the dummy will releash the mobs onto you and put you back into combat, so you still need to run away to reset the mobs.
    Req. Skill Item Source Approximate Health
    85 Target Dummy Trainer 1000
    185 Advanced Target Dummy Trainer 3000
    275 Masterwork Target Dummy Trainer 5000


    Explosives provide a reliable way to split pull mobs (the ability to individually leash mobs in a pack) as well as great AoE damage and CC. They are also great for money making.

    • Explosives with “grenade” in the name can be thrown while moving while all other explosives with cast times must be used while standing still. Iron Grenades and Thorium Grenades are the 2 that can be thrown while moving. The 3 second AoE stun that comes with these items is amazing for creating space or interrupting spellcasting.
    • Explosives share CD with other consumables. Slumber Sand, Magic Dust, and Really Sticky Glue are consumables commonly used by Hardcore players that share CD with explosives.
    • Iron Grenades are one of the greatest money making tools in Hardcore. Currently in Hardcore, you cannot trade or use the auction house, so vendoring items is one of the few ways to make money for spells, food/water, and the level 40 mount. Iron Grenades cost 1 Iron Bar, 1 Heavy Blasting Powder, and 1 Silk Cloth to craft between 2 and 4 grenades which sell at the vendor for 5 silver per grenade. These resources are incredibly common in the 30 to 40 level range which make it one of if not the best gold farm for your level 40 mount.
    Req. Skill Item Source
    30 Rough Copper Bomb Trainer
    120 Small Bronze Bomb Trainer
    175 Iron Grenade Trainer
    260 Thorium Grenade Trainer


    Engineering goggles provide fantastic stats at the low levels. Flying tiger Goggles can be crafted as early as level 10 but can be difficult to craft that low due to the material requirements. Tigerseye can be obtained from mining copper nodes, chests, or from mobs, and Light Leather can be obtained from skinning, Tightly Sealed Trunk (fished from low level fishing pools), or chests. Flying tiger Goggles can be upgraded to Green Tinted Goggles in the early 20s. Without engineering goggles, it is likely that you do not find a head slot with stats until well into the 30s which makes the early goggles incredibly powerful.

    Goggles do fall off in the mid to late game, but lucky individuals have a chance to strike gold when crafting the Green Lens. While the recipe is easily obtained from trainers, gathering the materials can be frustrating and RNG dependent. Crafting these requires 3 Jades and 3 Aquamarines as well as other materials that can be difficult to grind. The RNG does not stop there. When you craft a set of Green Lens, it will randomly roll one of 8 different enchantments (+ healing, + spell damage in fire, frost, arcane, nature, or shadow, mana per 5 seconds, or health per 5 seconds). A warlock rolling + 34 shadow damage Green Lens will be on the Blessed Run while a mage rolling + 34 nature damage will begin to question their life choices.

    Gear and Ammunition

    While not as impactful as goggles, explosives, or target dummies, there are a few notable crafted guns and ammunition that can be useful for engineers.

    Req. Skill Item Source
    75 Crafted Heavy Shot Trainer
    105 Deadly Blunderbuss Trainer
    125 Crafted Solid Shot Trainer
    205 Mithril Blunderbuss Trainer
    210 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs Trainer

    Crafting Materials

    Unfortunately, the downside of Engineering is that you’ll have to source a lot of different kinds of crafting materials, such as bars, leathers, gems, cloths, and stones. Keeping your Fishing and Mining skills up will be important for obtaining the crafting materials you’ll need in order to not fall behind the curve. Thankfully, most of the good Engineering schematics are from vendors and trainers, meaning you won’t have to farm obscure mobs unless they have a particular niche crafting material.

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