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Blacksmithing is one of the more obscure professions in HC. The materials necessary to craft items are hard to get, and only a few classes can even wear the items in the first place. Blacksmithing is nice for Self-Made runs on Warriors and Paladins, but is otherwise too niche to really recommend. Expect a lot of tedium and farming weird materials to make it work. That being said, there are quite a lot of neat items you can make with it, especially if you have access to multiple other professions via a duo or trio.

Notable gear / equipment

The main draws for Blacksmithing are sharpening stones and well-statted plate and mail gear. While Blacksmiths can technically make keys to open lockboxes, doing so is rather uncommon and time-consuming.


Req. Skill Item Source
155 Solid Iron Maul Vendor
160 Hardened Iron Shortsword Vendor
185 Massive Iron Axe Vendor


Req. Skill Item Source
1-250 Armor Kits Trainer
40 Kodo Hide Bag Vendor, Horde only

Crafting Materials

The primary crafting materials for Blacksmithing are bars, which are smelted from ores gathered with Mining. The less common crafting materials include leathers, gems, and on occasion, other Blacksmithing items. To get the most out of Blacksmithing, you’ll need both Mining and Fishing, as Fishing will grant access to important leathers that you would otherwise need Skinning for. In a duo, your partner could take Skinning, but they would no longer be able to run any of the other more powerful profession combos.

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