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    Tailoring is a crafting profession that focuses on cloth gear and bags. Tailoring is a great profession for those that take a more streamlined approach to the leveling process. Since humanoids are the greatest source of cloth in the game, most of the time you spend farming cloth to level tailoring is also gaining you experience! (Unless of course you are killing gray mobs) While tailoring does not provide any active damage or safety options, the gear upgrades are consistently solid with the benefits peaking in the late 40s early 50s with the Dreamweave Set (Dreamweave Circlet, Dreamweave Vest, and Dreamweave Gloves)

    Skinning is also often paired with Tailoring. To craft Small Silk Pack and Runecloth Bag, different types of leather is required. Leather is also required for Soft Soled Linen Boots as well as several other pieces. If you intend on crafting these as a SSF character, you must either pick up Skinning, Fishing up trunks from Floating Wreckage, purchase from the Darkmoon Faire Vendor Lhara, or get lucky from Chests around Azeroth.

    Notable gear / equipment

    Tailoring is best used to fill gaps in your gear as you are leveling especially early on. Here are some examples:

    • Before level 10, you could easily craft White Linen Robe for likely your first green piece on the character.
    • Spidersilk Boots is a fantastic piece that could last you well into your 30s and early 40s that is wearable at level 20.
    • Enchanter’s Cowl is a great first headpiece on any caster. With how rare helms with stats are in the 30s, this is a solid option that can be crafted and worn as early as level 28. The recipe is purchased from Xizk Goodstich in Booty Bay.
    • Black Mageweave Leggings are very powerful that priest Priests can easily wear till 60.

    Crafted Gear

    Req. Skill Item Source
    80 Soft-soled Linen Boots Trainer
    85 Heavy Woolen Gloves Trainer
    110 Heavy Woolen Pants Trainer
    135 Lesser Wizard's Robe Trainer
    165 Enchanter's Cowl Vendor in Booty Bay
    185 Long Silken Cloak Trainer
    255 Runecloth Belt Trainer

    Shadoweave set

    The Shadoweave Set is amazing for warlock Warlocks and priest Shadow Priests. While they can be a bit of a grind to craft, they provide decent stats and + shadow damage which is not usually found prior to level 60.

    Req. Skill Item Source
    210 Shadoweave Pants Trainer
    215 Shadoweave Robe Trainer
    225 Shadoweave Gloves Trainer
    235 Shadoweave Shoulders Trainer
    240 Shadoweave Boots Trainer
    245 Shadoweave Mask Recipe, quest reward from [The Undermarket]


    Req. Skill Item Source
    45 Linen Bag Trainer
    225 Mageweave Bag Trainer
    260 Runecloth Bag Vendor in Winterspring

    Dreamweave Set

    The Dreamweave Set is the crown jewel of the tailoring profession during the Hardcore leveling process. They provide insane stats for all casters but specifically priests. If you are planning on crafting the set, it is recommended that you begin searching for a Truesilver Bar and a Jade as early as possible. Obtaining these 2 items can be heavily RNG dependent with the best method being looting chests throughout Azeroth. If you are mining, you can acquire truesilver from nodes. Jades also can be obtained from mining nodes or random drops off of mobs.

    Also if you are using the Hardcore Addon and craft all 3 of the set before level 50, you will obtain the Master Tailor achievement.

    Req. Skill Item Source
    225 Dreamweave Gloves Trainer
    225 Dreamweave Vest Trainer
    250 Dreamweave Circlet Trainer

    Crafting Materials

    The crafted materials for Tailoring are cloths, leathers, and threads/dyes from vendors. Cloth can be farmed from humanoids, and leather from skinning non-humanoids. Be sure to take Skinning as your gathering profession.

    See Farming Guides at and select the cloth you want to farm ie. Linen Cloth, Silk Cloth.