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Leatherworking is an excellent option for classes that use agility for their main stat. Leatherworking grants HC characters access to easily craftable gear, which is very important for classes that rely on stats, like Rogues and Hunters. While Leatherworking shines in the late game, like most other crafting professions, it nonetheless provides a reliable source of power during the journey to 60.

Notable gear / equipment

The main reason to choose Leatherworking over other options is to have an easy source of craftable gear. This is particularly useful in achievement runs, such as Solitary Struggle or Self-Made, where you are reliant entirely on quest rewards and the RNG gods to find items you can wear. While Leatherworking does give you access to things like craftable bags (Horde only) and armor kits, they are relatively niche.

Crafted Gear

Req. Skill Item Source
40-75 Embossed Leather Gear Trainer
85 Fine Leather Tunic Trainer
95 Light Leather Pants Trainer
125 Dark Leather Belt Trainer
175 Barbaric Shoulders Trainer
185 Dusky Bracers Trainer
205-235 Nightscape Gear Trainer, shoulders from Vendor
220 Tough Scorpid Gear Drop in Tanaris
265 Wicked Leather Bracers Trainer


Req. Skill Item Source
1-250 Armor Kits Trainer
40 Kodo Hide Bag Vendor, Horde only

Crafting Materials

The crafting materials for Leatherworking are leathers, both normal and cured, and threads/dyes from vendors. The vast majority of the recipes you’ll be interested in are very easy to craft so long as you keep your Skinning skill up to date.

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